Tuesday, April 22, 2014

deadzone "rainmaker" ripper suit

Finally got back into the groove on this guy. Missing the shoulder gun during assembly really annoyed me about the whole thing. There is lots of fiddly details but I kept it pretty tabletop so left a lot of that detail to "come out in the wash" (hahaha).
view from right
I used the nihilakh oxide technical paint to give the tin weapons a verdigris look,which I particularly like on these hulking monstrosities. I combined that with the same coal black + drybrush silver for his weapons. I stole the red/yellow/green power bar for his laser weapon from someone I saw online.
view from left
I also decided to spread around the resin scenery that comes with the plague stage 2As. Why are they the only one's to get some? It definitely will tie in with my scenery.

Monday, April 21, 2014

WHQ baddies

In between other projects I've been getting some models fixed up that I got from various trades as warhammer quest bad guys. Here are a couple shamans I've done recently. They were both already painted when I received them - I did some minor touch ups where the pewter had shown through.
You can't really tell but I also had a go at some special bases that are similar to the one's I've always used, but I mixed some Agrellan Earth technical paints and painted some lightning effects under the base so it would seem like they are using some magical power and it's cracking the earth open.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Antarctic Abominable Projectile Penguins

While having some thoughts about casting some resin pieces, I started finding really cool ice cube trays on amazon that would work for figures. I picked up a couple, one was just for a certain piece for a team that is still in the planning stage, but the other I found that was interesting was THIS ONE. Six completely different abominable snowmen poses. So I added it to the cart and I got a buddy to cast them up using clear resin. He also tried a blue tint which didn't come out as nice as we hoped.
Yes flash is bad, but it made the icemen look cooler.
So of course this inspired a snowmen themed ogre blood bowl team! I took my inspiration from this old flash game that was big when flash games first started to be big called Pengu Throw. So I found some cheap little penguin toys (couldn't find any suitable affordable penguin miniatures, there was always just like 1 or 2 in a huge expensive set of animals and my goal was a cheap team!) that will count as snotlings.
Took this pic so you can see how the clear resin looks with something behind it.
I mentioned to Axt when I picked up a set of his recent NABBO Tea Cup tournament dice & dugout that I needed them for a project I was working on. I think it suits this team very well! I will have to keep it packed in whatever transport I devise for this team. I also need to sort out numbers - my brother gave me a great suggestion for the penguins - add a tag onto their wings as if they'd been marked for tracking purposes (I will probably use 4 colours of tags as well) but I don't know what to do for the icemen, thoughts?
I will probably just use extra penguins for counters.
The most work involved was making the bases. I made them using washers to give (especially the penguins) some weight to them. Then glued on some sand, painted it grey, drybrushed with a lighter grey and added a black wash. I made snow by combining baking soda with water effects and found that I really really like the results. The icemen needed a quick sand and a wash then I picked out their eyes and mouth. I'm giving myself a painting point each for the icemen and 1 point per 4 penguin bases for a total of 10 painting points for this team.
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