Monday, October 27, 2008

Beginnings of a Crusade Army - Novamarines

First new army after starting up again.. Planned to make a crusade army based on chapters linked through deathwatch members.

Was originally planning to keep this army small before starting another chapter (small = AoBR only + deathwatch conversion) - however you need 2 troops selections at least, I lucked out and found one tac marine from the old Battle for Macragge set (so I could technically split into two 5 man bolter only squads using the extra + dw vet as a sergeant) but also bought one of each box of scouts (Scout pics coming when finished modeling extra camo cloaks) and a librarian to be able to round out to 1000 points. (Plus the Novamarines fluff mentions variant psykers so had to have one)

Most everything from AoBR is stock so won't bother with pics until painted. I do however have some pics of my deathwatch conversion (the first of many!).

Uses the dw bolter, helmeted head, metal shoulder pad + Asmodai's power sword arm + plastics.

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