Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week 27: Tristan - Antagonist "aka the bad guy"

Another long hiatus between posts.  Life hasn't been too crazy I just seem to lack motivation.  I've finally finished up Dave's second model (from mini painting for free)

Sorry for the quality of the photos, just took these quickly with my phone.  When I get a chance I'll stitch these last four together to give a 360 degree look.

I used my tested and true method for black which is very light gray drybrush highlight followed by several layers of badab black wash. I missed a tiny piece of flash on his cloak so I painted it green to look like a caterpillar or bug. Other than that I stuck to neutral'ish colours since he's not necessarily uber evil. Though I did paint dark arched eyebrows to make him look sinister.
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