Monday, February 13, 2012

Flesh Tearer catch up!

Well with the big move to the house at the end of the year in 2011, I missed several updates from Ric about my Flesh Tearers.  I am aiming to get him the remaining pieces that will go in the first KR multicase as soon as I can (mainly because I want to get a pile of these guys back!!).  For each I have linked to Rics post for more details/photos.  Just as a teaser though, here's a pic of the two dreadnoughts I have built for this army. I bought one of the new boxes and used it for the death company dread.  I used the librarian front and some plastic card along with an AoBR dreadnought to convert the librarian dread.
pretty happy with the librarian conversion

First up was a Land Raider Crusader, this one is for Terminators (the other will be for Death Company)
awesome sawblade pattern!!

Second was a batch of three more terminators. Previously Ric had painted a squad of five (basically the "2nd" squad from the game)
left to right: genestealer spine ripped out, sergeant, signum

Third was another batch of three terminators.  He mentions there's just the Librarian and 2 objectives to go, but soon he will have another 7 or 8 terminators (got myself a second Space Hulk box) ;-)
left to right: heavy flamer, lightning claws, ripping up floor

Looking forward to seeing the results for the second Crusader, more terminators and some Death Company.  Hoping to get a big batch of Flesh Tearers sent back this year!  There's a bunch more stuff that Ric either already has or I have in a box that will get sent along this year too.


eriochrome said...

Way better use for that AoBR dread than sitting in my bits box. Nice Work.

Tristan M said...

Thanks buddy, pretty pleased with the conversion!

MIK said...

Those are looking fantastic, love the Riftwar Saga books in the background too, great series.

Axtklinge said...

Great stuff!
Those paint jobs are really good!

Tristan M said...

They are! Only wish I could take credit for them ;)

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