Thursday, May 23, 2013

F*** You GW! (fs/ft part 1)

the straw that broke the camel's back
Well, that's it.  I have stood loyally by Games Workshop through price hike after price hike (whether really required or not) through consistently failing to support games beyond the big two (sometimes even actively destroying that gaming community) and I've finally had enough.  Below is an except from the latest NAF newsletter, explaining that after 10 years of allowing NAF to produce block dice for it's members, GW has refused to renew the license.  I completely fail to understand the point of this decision, although I bet it has something to do with the recent Cyanide blood bowl game and somehow thinking stopping block dice from being made will increase sales of that game.  Considering their recent announcement to stop producing figures from the Specialist Games range, I highly doubt it is because of a new blood bowl box set.
Crimson Fists
So I have decided it is high time that I seriously consider why I continue to support this company that clearly cares so little for it's long time customers/supporters in favour of gouging the newcomers repeatedly.  I will definitely keep my specialists game related figures as I have no need for GW to continue enjoying playing those games, and I will likely keep my flesh tearers since they incorporate my space hulk terminators as well as possibly a fantasy army since it may well fit with other games.  But my mass of space marine armies (in various stages of completion) are gonna start getting sold off.  First up is a small cadre of Crimson Fists, some painted and some primed.  Here is the full list.

Pedro Kantor
10 Sternguard (2 heavy flamers, 2 combi-meltas)
6 Terminators (1 heavy flamer)
10 Tacticals (1 flamer, 1 missile launcher)
10 Devastators (4 heavy bolters - old style)
1 Rhino
1 Land Raider Redeemer. * multi-melta piece needs fixing
1 Objective.
as many Crimson Fist decals as I can find
Also was planning to make a small fluffy honour guard squad with 3 metal vets, all with power fists and bolters w grenade launchers, see this pic

I am interested in blood bowl or necromunda figures, or cash for now.
I could be interested in terrain - GW or not.

Here is the excerpt from the newsletter.

Dear Members 
This is always an exciting time of year as the NAF announces new dice. We are keeping this tradition but sadly, after ten years, Games Workshop has brought this great tradition of new block dice to an end. 
We tried many angles with GW, but ultimately the licensing department would not renew our deal meaning that, for 2013, a new colour of blocking dice cannot be issued. We have good relations with GW and hope that with continued communication this may change in the future. 

This year we will instead be issuing matching coloured sets of 2D6, plus a D8 and a D16. In the great tradition of the NAF, the new colour and unique design will be announced at the NAF Championship 2013 and attendees renewing their membership can get their new dice. A picture of the new dice will go up on the website shortly afterwards. 

We are excited about our new dice, however we also have stocks of some of the classic back catalogue of dice and are very well aware that many would like to get their hands on some. So until further notice, when members renew or sign up, we will be able to fulfill their request for block dice. Current supplies are Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Light Green and Silver. 

We hope you're as enthusiastic as we are about this fabulous opportunity for NAF members to expand their collections of Blood Bowl accessories. The brand new dice sets will be available from June 1st this year, but members will have the option to request dice from our classic collections (as above) instead. 
Happy dice rolling! 
NAF President


eriochrome said...

Missed the thing about the dice in the NAF newsletter. Pretty sad. I do not think it really has to do with the pc games as those sell pretty cheap currently so they cannot be bringing very much money. Ofcourse I doubt that NAF could pay very much to be able to produce them either.

As a note, I do not think that Codex Marine Honor Guards can have powerfists. Are they for your Flesh tearers.

Tristan M said...

Yea you're right, but crimson fists need fists. They can count as TH or relic blades.

Death By Monkeys said...

I have a feeling that GW's refusal to renew the agreement with NAF has less to do with Cyanide's Blood Bowl or the elimination of Specialist games and more to do with the rumored re-release of Blood Bowl in September. They want customers buying their Blood Bowl boxes for block dice, not getting them through the NAF.

Tristan M said...

Nobody would buy their box set when there are alternative block dice available cheaply at various outlets.

Someone on a forum suggested they might do away with the block dice mechanic and that scares me more.

Axtklinge said...

#&%@$#% !!!
I really don't remember swearing so much over something in the last couple of years. Literally!
At least not since those #&%@$#% decided to pull the rug under the Blood Bowl Rules Committee (BBRC) in that pathetic attempt to implode the LRB.
That is NOT how you treat customers.
#&%@$#% !!!

As on "why" they've done it?
I wish it was some 'clever' plan to change something, or introduce new stuff (as we always try to have explanations to actions that seem stupid to us), but I'm afraid it's going to be one of those "I do it because I can" kind of thing.
It's 'their' game, and they're not making any money out of it, so why would anyone else do? (As in Chessex making dice, NAF selling them, companies making minis, companies making pitches, tournaments all around, ...).
Over and over again they've been drawing the IP card, trying to shut down everything ("publicity" blogs included), so I seriously doubt there's any strategy behind that.
From every point of view you look at it (specially from the "business" point of view), its a HUGE asset to have a wealthy and organized community hooked to the game. It's easier to know what they want (to buy), it's easier to advertise new products, to get feedback, etc.
Heck, even if they were into selling the IP of the game (as I've read somewhere suggesting), having such an involved community was (once again) a HUGE asset!
Or it seems, to me at least.

#&%@$#% !!!

Siph_Horridus said...

Maybe a change in Blog title is now appropriate? Sorry to hear of your frustration. But maybe if it is for their maybe misplaced strategy for re-releasing BB, they will bring some more love to the game with new miniatures? Tweaked mechanics etc.

Tristan M said...

Siph, I have been considering what to do about the blog title. I think I will probably leave it, since the specialist games I love so much are still related. Not sure what to do about that yet.

MIK said...

Dude, I didn't know about this 'til I saw your link in your end-o-year wrapup.

This sucks, but I'm not surprised. I love the look of *most* of GW's stuff, but have turned my back on them a long time ago.

I think I've mentioned changing your blog title before, I think Siph may be on to something, no need helping their machine you know?

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