Friday, March 21, 2014

more deadzone terrain acccessories

Just a quick one today - finished the painting part on the last set of deadzone terrain accessories. Technically they still need weathering powders but those take so long I'm going to save up a bunch of terrain to do all at once.
Started by priming with cheap krylon spray "ruddy brown", then an extremely light drybrush with P3 pig iron, followed by a thinned devlan mud wash. Then I applied the decals which I think I took from an old epic titans decal sheet. Finally I used a bit of foam to sponge apply some damage with vallejo tin.

1 comment:

Axtklinge said...

Those small scenario pieces are always useful aren't they?
If Mantic sold those sprues (and the other "squarish" ones you painted yellow and green), I might at some point get a few sprues.
Nice paint job on the lot!

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