Friday, June 11, 2010


Another quick post before I head away for the weekend, I waited a bit before posting so I can say my donation is in (payday was thursday) I may still donate more depending on my finances before the drawing.  The earlier you donate the better as they are having tons of mini-raffles for other great loot!
Wanted to promote the Storm Wardens - Collaborative Army Build Charity Drawing. What a brilliant idea this is, these guys are going to make a certain individual very happy and in the process raise a ton of funds to donate to Doctors without Borders.

The basic premise is a 40K Space Marine army (Storm Wardens chapter from forthcoming Deathwatch RPG by fantasy flight games) built and painted by the pillars of the 40K blogosphere (santa cruz warhammer, from the warp, dave taylor, wynn studios, jawaballs, secret weapon miniatures, mik's minis)

Each dollar donated gets you a "raffle ticket" for when they give away the army. ALL proceeds are going to be donated. Can't lose with this one folks - donate today!


Gyro said...

Thanks for the plug! Being behind the scenes on this project has been awesome, and there's so much more goodness that hasn't leaked...yet.

Plus, the bottomline is that you're helping a great cause, you just may get some free gamer loot along the way, or, ahem, and entire painted 2000+ point army!

Tristan said...

Best idea to come out of the war gaming blogosphere yet! Almost embarrassed I had to wait so long to donate!

Mike said...

Going to make my donation now!

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