Thursday, June 10, 2010

Golden Sweetbun '10

My third NAF tournament this year is rolling up this weekend. The Golden Sweetbun is a halfling hosted tournament that takes place in Montreal, Canada. This tournament gives some benefits to halfling teams, however I'll be bringing the Karond Kar Raiders, recently painted up for me by my friend Thomas.

Since I managed to stick around for both days, and avoid the wooden spoon at my last tournament, my objective will be to improve on my standings in this tournament. I'm looking to land better than 1 spot into the top half of players. This will be pretty tough as I've had lots of practice with my bashy teams (Orcs, Undead) and have yet to play a full game with the Dark Elves!

Keepin' my fingers crossed!


eriochrome said...

Good Luck. Say an interesting roster the other day with essentially 11 players, 2 rerolls, 1 of each positional and an extra blitzer.

I am personally like having 3 rerolls but that leaves on cash for 2 blitzers and 2 runners.

What type of skill package does the event have?

Tristan said...

GS rules - but it's a resurrection format, 115TV, where the only further advances come from drawing them out of a hat! I have no idea how well my roster will work, it only has 11 players but w leader, 3RR. One sneaky trick.

eriochrome said...

Pretty interesting rules. Probably to friendly to wood elves though with the soft turf.

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