Wednesday, October 13, 2010

XTBBF = more blood bowl.

Recently the THMG has started up a blood bowl league - XTBBF. A buddy of mine let me know and I've had a couple good nights there. First night I just kind of demo'd the game for another person - but last Weds I played my first two league games. I've resurrected the Torne Bane Flaming Ears (STARS Roster on the NAF website) again (it's hard to pass up on so much regeneration in league play) for this season (#?) Generally I think it's up to the winner to post the game on the XTBBF site, so I will just link them as they get added.

Game 1 vs Middenheim Eagles. (3-0 win)

Game 2 vs Janissaries of the Hidden Flame. (2-0 win)

Another good start for my undead. I've had some luck so far as well - especially with my skill rolls, getting an AG boost for a ghoul (as well as a second ghoul getting block), but also rolled a double with my wight. I've plumped for Side Step since he already has 10 SPP and is closest to a second upgrade - at which point frenzy shall be selected! Muhahahahaha.

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