Thursday, October 28, 2010

XTBBF games 3 and 4

I've gotten a couple more games in with my undead team in the new XTBBF league run by THMG at Dueling Grounds. Game 3 was last week and was such a steamroller I was able to get first skills on a mummy (guard) and a ghoul (tackle), as well as a second skill on my wight (now frenzy/side step).

Game 3 vs. Sewer Rat Samurai. (2-0 win)

Game 4 vs. The Olympians. (1-1 tie)

Played Game 4 yesterday and was a very bloody affair and regeneration really saved my ass (he had four legit casualties plus a foul - all regenerated)  I think I held off using the wizard for too long, he might've had more of an impact if I'd used it a turn or two earlier.  Still, three wins and a tie puts me in second place.  I'm coming for you Drakwald Devils!!

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