Thursday, November 18, 2010

XTBBF games 5 and 6

A couple more games in XTBBF league run by THMG at Dueling Grounds. Game 5 was first week of November and a rematch against The Olympians.  Game 6 was "technically" a rematch against the PhilAltdorfia Imperial Eagles, but I didn't count the first game as Jack was learning BB.

Game 5 vs. The Olympians. (1-1 tie) yes, again...

Game 6 vs. The PhilAltdorfia Imperial Eagles. (2-0 win)

The Olympian game I got smacked around big time by Jay's heavy hitter undead team.  A mummy died to a block and had to make some regen rolls vs. fouls.  The game against the Humans I faired much better, crowd surfing guys, caused four casualties and got important SPP for skill ups while I could hold off the meagre remains of his team.  So another ghoul is now at level 1 and I gave him wrestle.  My AG4 ghoul also got another skill and I rolled a double so I plumped for Accurate to give us a scary passing game.

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