Thursday, November 3, 2011

extra goblin for blingtoof tournament

You may have heard some mention of the upcoming blingtoof tournament that I am attending this weekend.  The rules allow for any team to take any number of standard goblins, goblins get the most bonus skills and there's a way to sneak an extra goblin onto the pitch!  What's not to like?!?  There's even an award for the most fouling points which is the second most important trophy after winning!
ridiculous shouldpad lol
I have been making last minute tweaks to my list, but regardless of anything else I plan to take 3 standard goblins.  This has the benefit of being considered a "sanctioned team" which gives you several benefits

  • stat and double boosts can be given to big guys (from your upgrade package)
  • purchase bribes as permanent roster addition (first is 50K)
  • + 1 to rolls for cheering fans, brilliant coaching, throw a rock

So I am bringing my undead team and adding 3 goblins and going for the fouling award! This way I can get a cheap bribe and one of the goblins will be able to take "sneaky git" for fouling after my "dirty player(s)" have been kicked out.  The bribe can also save your turn if you are trying to sneak a goblin on and fail. My current roster ideas have 14-15 players, muhahaha

Unfortunately I only had two painted goblins for my orc team I can borrow, so I needed a third! The trophies are all bags of rats, so in that vein I have made my third goblin from a monopose figure (as with most of my orc team) carrying a giant rat.  Following the theme of my orc team (based on 1999 superbowl champion rams) I plucked a name & jersey number for this gobbo to use.  He happened to be the kick return so I gave the goblin a giant shoulderpad.  He came out pretty well for an old 4th edition monopose spearman goblin.

ps. Yay, first painting point in.... nearly three months. I might even be able to break 100 this year!

pps. Thanks to Mike @ shiftedmatrix for providing painting space while our condo is staged/showing.


AbraxiS said...

Dude...that goblin does look awesome.I have that same mini...i guess im going to try to convert him to my Goblin Team....if he ends up looking half as good im a happy man.Cheers

Axtklinge said...

I've only read the rules today, an that tournament sure sounds like a LOT of fun!

That gobbo sure looks like he means business with that big shoulder plate!

Tristan said...

@AbraxiS - I plan to use the same figure to make your chainsaw gobbo.

@Axt - I know the rules look amazing, looking forward to 80 turns of fouling!!

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