Thursday, November 10, 2011

Orclahoma Bowl 2012

Just wanted to bring to your attention a new Blood Bowl tournament happening in Oklahoma next January.  I met the tournament organizers Scott (@fatfinley on twitter) and Steve (@kilowog2814) at the Chaos Cup this year.  Very chill couple of guys who are involved with a podcast called Couch Pirate Radio (check out their recent Jam Session for some rather delayed Chaos Cup review!).
This will be their first tournament and from what I gathered the first blood bowl tournament ever in Oklahoma, so even though unfortunately it's a little far for me to attend, I wanted to support them by purchasing some dice and pimping their shit!  Check out the wicked website Scott has put together at!

Everywhere should have a blood bowl tournament within reasonable travel distance, so if you are in the area - get out there and support these guys.  The tournament is only TEN BUCKS if you pre-register and is only a 1 day tournament so it's pretty accessible even for coaches new to the blood bowl tournament scene.  The Chaos Cup was the first tournament for these guys but from checking out the rule pack they have clearly learned a lot and Orclahoma Bowl looks like it's going to be a blast!!

Some really cool points about the rules pack for Orclahoma Bowl
  • Love the weather combinations (obviously a homage to the local weather) I also always like seeing ALL tables being similarly affected by the weather.
  • Any team being able to buy greenskin star players is pretty thematic, I also like the highlander rule that could see teams counting on certain powerful star players being down a player if they come up against another team doing the same (I see this happening possibly with Ripper, a S6 troll without Really Stupid is a great thing!)
  • Save the Crom!
Finally, here's a pic of the cool dice!


Axtklinge said...

Love thematic tournaments, and those rules sure add a very cool flavour to it!

I'm sure it will be a HUGE success!

Paul O'G said...

Saw this, love the extras they have in their rules pack. Wish we could be there but like you its slightly too far! Also in for some dice!

Good luck coaches!

Tristan M said...

Right on mate - I think maybe you need to be inducted to Merry Mayhem so we'd really be world WIDE. :)

Unknown said...

Hey guys, thanks for the great comments!
We'll definitely be selling dice after the tournament. But keep your eyes and ears open for a chance to win free dice coming up soon.

Unknown said...

Just an update, we have gone live! Check out for our podcast. itunes and rss feed coming shortly.
Chance to win dice too if you listen ;-)

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