Friday, March 30, 2012

even more Space Hulk Terminator goodness...

Here is one of several things I've had on the go in the past little while.  These will get sent along to Ricalope to get painted up along with the 2 dreadnoughts I'd posted previously and 6 more jump pack death company.  That will fill up a KR multicase box (1 of 3 planned) and will hopefully mean I get these guys back this year.

These 3 will round out the 2 painted "assault" terminators to give me a full squad.
TH/SS #2
LCs #2
TH/SS #3
Here's my cyclone missile launcher conversion, so I have all heavy options.  He can easily proxy as either an additional heavy flamer or assault cannon in Space Hulk.

I decided to build this guy as a captain for Space Hulk purposes. He's armed with storm bolter, power fist, power sword and an auxiliary grenade launcher.  I gave him the iron halo and some extra detailing as well to make him look special.

Here's my chaplain conversion.  I wanted one of every character type in terminator armour and basing them on Space Hulk terminators would ensure they fit in well.  His crozius arcanum is from an old dreadnought banner pole.

Finally the sanguinary priest, armed with a power sword and with a narthecium conversion based on the chainfist model.  I added a small screw bit, as well as using some metal pieces to fill in a tube from the rhino smoke launchers to create a needle.

and they will be joining their brethren soon...  can't wait to have my Space Hulk termies back to play some games!  Had a game recently against my brother and filled in with some Novamarines but am really looking forward to playing with these guys.
L to R: sb/pf, sb/cf, th/ss, ac/pf, sb/pf
L to R: sb/pf, sb/ps, sb/pf
L to R: hf/pf, lc/lc, sb/pf


Mik said...

You've got the best one-two combo ever, incredibly good looking conversions and upgrades meshed with some amazing paintjobs. These are looking very cool and although it's a long way 'til completion, this is going to be one awesome looking army, I can't wait.

Axtklinge said...

Very, very cool!
Those conversions really give them an extra 'touch'!
And the paint jobs are top notch too!

Of course we'll be expecting a complete battle report with plenty of eye catching pics of all the action, as soon as you have those ready to rock!

AbraxiS said...

Wow...frikking SH terminators ever.Love them :)

Tristan M said...

Paint jobs are all thanks to Ricalope, wish I could claim them as my own but credit where it's due!

Jose Fabian said...

Hey man, these are simply awesome! Though I wonder where that chaplain head is from?

Tristan M said...

I think it's a chaos space marine helmet, had to chop it a bit and use some green stuff.

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