Wednesday, April 11, 2012

blood bowl events coming up...

This weekend coming up on April 15th I will be participating in the NaBBLe season 1 playoffs.  I have already earned the Seasonal Award for First Place/Best Coach - going 8 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss through the regular season.  This seeds me vs. 4th place and gives my Karond Kar Raiders a free +2 FF as well as a temporary additional reroll to use throughout the playoffs.

I have been a bit lazy about updating the blog with my games, but if you are interested, you can check out my games here. Some of them have cool write ups and some don't.  I will definitely post up about the playoffs.  My goal is (obviously) to win both games, but also while doing so, would like to get SPP on a couple particular pieces - my runner is 3 away from his next upgrade & a blitzer is 3 away from his third upgrade.  I believe the commish has plans that the playoffs winning team will take a season off, as they "tour the olde world" - and if that happens to be me, getting those pieces their next upgrade would (IMO) give the Raiders the required level of ability to compete with teams that have gone through two seasons (this is looking forward to season three!)

Big props to Christian the commish, he has run several leagues before but I think he has done a brilliant job of keeping this league fun & exciting, without letting it get bogged down.  10 regular season games is just enough I think and the playoff format is enticing.  Well done!

Next weekend, April 21/22 is the Challenge of Q'ermitt tournament for 2012.  I have finally gotten the spark of motivation to work on a team I have owned for a couple years now that could count as amazons, humans, norse or even woodies.  I want to bring this team to Zlurpeebowl this year & since Q'ermitt allows star players (as does Zlurpeebowl) I figured it would be a good testing ground.  I am basically planning to take the exact same roster - except with the extra 50k you get for team build at Q'ermitt, I am taking an apothecary - since Q'ermitt is league rules and dead is DEAD.

The tournament organizer has wanted some special swag for his tournament for a couple years (last years was cancelled due to losing the venue) and it's come in for this year.  This pic isn't mine, these belong to wapcaplets who had the genius idea of using crayons to fill in the engraving to make them more legible.  I do think I might use black on the yellow "sunny" marker but other than that these look the bee's knees! (haha, see what I did there?)
L to R: blizzard, pouring rain, nice, very sunny, sweltering heat
This post is meant to start getting me posting on the blog again.  While I have been pretty active with gaming and even modeling/painting so far this year the blog has been languishing.  I will get some pics up soon of my new team along with the full roster I plan to bring to these tournaments.

Let there be blood (bowl)!


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Congratulations on your great season. WoW: 8 wins! (and was that a 5 nil Victory I saw there?) Best of luck in the playoffs - we will be cheering for the Radiers!!!!

The tournies sound fun and that swag is rather clever. It will be good to have you back blogging again :-)

Tristan M said...

Yep, 5-0 against a human team. His dice weren't much help, though I feel he made it a bit difficult on himself. I don't think I rolled a single 1 the second half.

Looking forward to Q'ermitt, I don't think there will be any spare weather markers but if there is I will be sure to inquire about picking some up for you.

Axtklinge said...

I second what Paul said!
Congrats for a very good season with those raiders.
Cheering for you for the playoffs!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Thanks mate. I've secured you a swag bag from EucBowl too, though you'll have to wait until July for me to collect it :-)

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