Monday, July 23, 2012

NaBBLe becomes HoBBLe (league season 2)

This past weekend was the playoffs of a local leagues second season.  The league has been renamed from NaBBLe to HoBBLe to be a little fluffier with it's location (Toronto ie. Hogtown).  You may remember that I walked away as champion of season 1 with my dark elf team the Karond Kar Raiders - and due to that they spent a season touring the olde worlde.  I brought a slann team for season 2 (my jawbreakers aka the googlies)

It was a pretty rough season!  The commish came up with the idea of playing a game vs. "the piggies" who were a bunch of halfings in order to build up some SPP.  Unfortunately for me, since slann don't have any piece that starts with block - I could only take them down on POWs or have to take a chance on having my own armour broken.  Dave played the piggies vs. me and he CAS'd all 3 of my catchers, including killing one outright!!  My first few games I basically took insane beatdowns including one game where I was on the receiving end of 7 CAS.

For all that though, I still managed to do really well with them.  I finished the league in 5th place - 2 points out of contention for the playoffs, which considering I was consistently;
a) having to replace dead/injured players (6 deaths, 2 MV busts, 2 MNG)
b) playing with a minimum of 1 journeyman every game
c) having between 300-650!! worth of inducements each game
I felt pretty good about my final record of 5W/1D/4L which is better than .500 - I'm not sure what the tiebreaker was between myself and Nicco - it could have been TD's scored (not diff, he beat me there) or it could have been head to head as I won our game.

So on Sunday we got together for the playoffs and anyone not playing in the playoffs got a "grudge match".  With identical records Nicco and I matched up again and while the game was close in terms of scoring (might've been different if his zombie didn't intercept a pass!!) he tore my team up pretty bad, killing outright my AG5/Guard blitzer as well as my ST4/mighty blow linefrog. Taking the grudge match into account I came out at exactly .500 which is still pretty impressive.

Originally I had planned to bring a new team next season as a number of people were planning to start new teams - however instead of just 1 game vs. the piggies - the plan is to have a small 1 day 3 game tournament to build up SPP for your team.  Unfortunately for me, it's scheduled for the day after my wedding so if I want to live to see season 3 I'm sure I will be missing it.  That gives me two options, 1) bring back the dark elves or 2) continue with the slann.  At first I thought nearly everyone was bringing a new team and that would make it pretty douchey to bring a tooled up team back, but now it seems that at least 4-5 coaches might bring their same teams from season 2 back so we'll play it by ear!


Sharp said...

Just FYI: The League is set up with the following Ranking system: Points, most GF, least GA.

Tristan M said...

Cool, thx Mike

Axtklinge said...

That logo is super cool!

Paul O'G said...

Domestically safe gaming is essential in all things. I'm sure the missus will make it up to you anyway :-)

That is a great record with a new Slann team and nothing to be sneezed at. Worth a second season to pick up on that initial development - you are over the hard part at low TV now

Tristan M said...

I dunno about continuing. The other new season 2 teams already have 300+ TV over me. New season 3 teams will get 3 games in a tournament + a 1/2 game vs. the piggies to build up. I could see my slann having the lowest TV of any team in season 3 pretty easily.

I think I made some big mistakes in my initial roster selection. Taking a Kroxigor early was stupid and I thought 3 rerolls would be enough to start but I always had to buy players so never had $$ for a 4th. I will take a very different starting roster next time I start the slann.

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