Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Orion Cup 2012 - result = 4th

Wow, haven't posted since April 28th!  My apologies, have just had a lot going on and blogging has taken a backseat to everything else.  Here's a delayed posting about the first blood bowl tournament I played in back in June, the Orion Cup.

I brought a very similar Norse roster to my planned Zlurpeebowl roster, it had no Yhetee but did include Boomer Eziasson.

Game 1 vs. Anthony

This was a tight game, first half boomer kept the dwarves on their asses, but a nice play from Anthony put a tackle zone on my ball carrier, and I ended up having to burn my reroll on a failed GFI early in my last turn which meant when I needed it for a failed dodge it wasn't available.  Failed to score on my drive had me worried, went in at HT 0-0.

Second half I managed to do a good job tying up Anthony in the middle of the field and as time started ticking away and we had to finish - he decided to go for a 5+ dodge with reroll to get out of my "cage" (I had 3 players surrounding his ball carrier) which failed and the ball landed in my players hands - that bit of fortune helped me to score in the last turn of the game for a lucky 1-0 win.

Game 2 vs. Colin R.

Another tight game, Norse vs Norse.  I remember it being back and forth quite a bit but am starting to forget some details.  What I do remember is Colin's dice not being great and his "Samsquanch" (hehe) failing a number of wild animal rolls - along with some unfortunate block dice results.  This game ended 1-0 in my favour as well.

Game 3 vs. Kolja

Every game finished 1-0 for me this tournament.  This time I was on the receiving end.  I did manage to keep his skaven from scoring for something like 12-13 turns of the game, but late in the second half he pulled off some nice plays with his gutter runners to score and I just didn't have time to get one back.  I think I misplayed boomer in this game - I used him on my offensive drive (which works better vs. bashy teams IMO) but in this game I should have saved him for a defensive drive, since the skaven were too spread out when defending to take much advantage.

I finished in 4th place - a fun little one day tournament and some good practice for zlurpeebowl.  Everyone got prizes too which was nice.


Axtklinge said...

Sounded like all three games were quite close.

How are you enjoying Norse game play so far?

Tristan M said...

They were all very close games. I enjoy the norse build, all block and frenzy is a great combination.

That said, for tournaments where pieces can only get 1 additional skill - I think I had too many rerolls (1 + leader or 2 max should be good) and not enough players. At zlurpeebowl this was very apparent, as I rarely would use all 3 rerolls but I always needed more players. Still adjusting to AV7.

Axtklinge said...

Speaking of Zlurpee , how did it go?
I mean I've seen the final results from the forum but it would be nice to know your insight on the party, your games, and specially on the grudge match!
Are you planning on doing a report?

Tristan M said...

Totally man, just need the time to work it out! Very busy when I got back and it deserves quite a large post!

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