Saturday, February 16, 2013

one little objective

Literally... Just a quick one today to rack up my first completed painting point for 2013.  I have a number of projects all ongoing at the moment, which is a little different to the usual - but that's ok. I originally built this up thinking of an old necromunda scenario where you infiltrated into a spyrer lair and it was all booby trapped!  This has a bunch of little lasers from an old epic model and then I just hacked together some electronics/power cells and hid the whole bunch behind a little piece of ruins. I used the shaft of an old power axe to act as scanner.
40mm objective
It sat in that state (primed black) for a long time, I was thinking it count also count as an objective for my space sharks, but I recently thought it might suit my raptor legion and so started painting it up and based it similar to those figures. It was fun to paint and gets me off the mark.  Although I've just noted that I haven't painted the laser barrels - better fix that now!

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