Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Diorama pics: more inspiration from dad!

This type of post went over pretty well last time, so why not a follow up? Just before Christmas when we had my folks around before our trip out west to visit the wife's family - my dad asked me about some bits to build a sailor.  He had built a small sailing boat model (not sure about those details, whether it was a kit, kit-bash or scratch-build) and needed someone to crew it.  Here's what he came up with.
Sailing to Victory!
He pilfered my empire bits tray for the pieces he needed (though somehow forgot a left arm) and so a few weeks ago while we were visiting them for dinner, I brought him along an arm to finish it up.  Just yesterday he sent me a bunch of photos and his diorama really looks great! A few more to follow.
looks like he used some modeling putty to make a vest and possibly the shorts cuffs
here he was showing off the little wristwatch he painted on
now it just needs a plaque to have the diorama name displayed
Well done dadder! I find this kind of thing really inspiring because it's not like he spends more than 10-20 minutes whenever he can spare the time, but still manages to knock out pieces like this by using the time wisely.  I often think I need to be more accountable for what I have accomplished in the hobby time I spend and this is a stark reminder I can improve!


Zero said...

Amen to making the most out of hobby time. I try to have several backup pieces that i hate painting to finish up any paint left on my palette. This way, the termagants and death company get painted a little at a time.

Your dad did a great job.

Axtklinge said...

Nice one.
Love the dynamics of the the scene.
Congrats to your father!

Tristan M said...

Apparently the sailboat was completely scratch built and he just filed away the models chest plate to create the life vest.

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