Sunday, November 10, 2013

5 years of Sons of Twilight contest

Here's a quick heads up post about eriochrome over at Sons of Twilight having a contest for reaching the 5 year mark.  His posts are usually at least one of; very informative (some great posts like his space hulk stats), very opinionated (good series about Reaper Bones and its quality) or very grey (this guy has the biggest collection of unpainted miniatures ever! lol ;-))
He's planning 5 winners with 10 potential prizes up for grabs - coming from his vast collection.  I'm hoping there will be some sweet blood bowl or 40K (marine or genestealer maybe?) options.  His blog is currently avoiding 40K, but you should still see posts about X-Wing, Lego, Blood Bowl and Epic - so check it out!


eriochrome said...

You are all signed up. Given that I have gotten two prizes from you over the years buddy good luck.

Axtklinge said...

I keep finding cool (and blogs) contests via your blog Tristan!
Thanks and keep it up!

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