Tuesday, November 26, 2013

HeroQuest KickStarter

I so far have managed to be spend fairly sparingly on kickstarter projects.  Instead of jumping on every new shiny I have really tried to focus on the one's I can see myself making a lot of use of, or that I really like the look of.  Up until today I had only backed two kickstarters;

- the first being Tablescapes - by Secret Weapon Miniatures (I have a fold out grass field 8'x4' polystyrene table and couldn't resist getting something a little more urban to use for skirmish and sci-fi games) - it was moderately expensive but for the apparent quality and truly impressive level of planning & ingenuity it felt very worthwhile.

- the second being Deadzone - by Mantic (yes, some astute of you will know that I am not a huge Mantic fan after this event - but with recent events prompting me to finally branch out from GW products + the fact Jake Thornton is the creator I decided to have a serious look.  The ruleset is what really pulled me in - I am pretty sure I will not be hugely impressed with the miniatures, and the cut & paste/quirkworthy nature of the rules PDF & cards I find to be annoying and somewhat unprofessional - regardless the thought of a small skirmish game that doesn't use rulers and is meant to play very quickly did appeal)

Yesterday the HeroQuest 25th anniversary kickstarter released and today it is already 565% funded.  Their simple pledge levels appealed to me and with a new baby I decided to bite the bullet but chalk this one up for him to open in the future.  I still remember opening my HeroQuest box and loving looking through all the miniatures and rules, playing with my brother and eventually starting my painting hobby by painting those figures.  I wish I knew where it had gone, since I have no recollection of ever trading it away - but I want to give my son that same feeling so today I pledged.  I also foresee a lot of stretch goals being met at this rate - there are already NINE unlocked.  Check out the video and consider it.


eriochrome said...

Not sure about this one. While they can keep the game mechanics the same they have to pretty much redesign everything else to avoid copyright issues. They also so they are authorized to produce this but I have not seen anything that indicated that it was for anything other than Spain.

Tristan M said...

I don't really care about the items you mention - I could care less about the mechanics of the game or the models, I just want my son to get the same feeling of opening an amazing boxed game like this with so much potential. I expect kickstarter to protect backers if the company is unable to fulfill the pledges.

I am also at least 7-8 years ahead of schedule ;-)

eriochrome said...

Lots of dungeon crawl games on the market now though so not sure how this specific one fits in.

MIK said...

I sold all my WHQuest stuff a while back for a *ridiculous* amount of money. But every home needs a good dungeon crawl. So I've been looking.

Descent v2.0 has gotten many rave reviews, and for very good reason. First edition is good too, but v2.0 is a great hopping on point.

For all of those warm, happy feelings about opening a box of goodness, the Wizards of the Coast DnD boardgames are great. Not crazy 100% about the rules themselves, but might be great for young and old alike.

For me I opted to get in on the Myth kickstarter by MERCS. It promises to have that dungeon-crawley goodness and the minis are a style that straddles serious and cartoon. Maybe it'll get me painting again.

Tristan M said...

You may be right about the copyright issues Brad - I got this from KS.

"This is a message from Kickstarter Support. We're writing to inform you that a project you backed, Heroquest 25th Anniversary, is the subject of an intellectual property dispute.

The project has been removed from public view until the dispute is resolved, which can take up to 30 days. The project’s funding and the countdown to its deadline have been stopped. If the project becomes available again, the countdown will continue and the new deadline will extend past the original deadline for as much time as the project was unavailable. You can find out more by reading our Copyright Policy and our Trademark Policy.

Original deadline: Friday Dec 27, 6:00pm EST
Time remaining if project becomes available: 29 days"

so as mentioned - they have such stuff covered, I do feel pretty safe pledging through them, as compared to indiegogo where I've seen some projects that are actual products who will take your money even if their target is not met :/

eriochrome said...

I saw an announcement on a spanish blog that I follow. Translate gave me similar info you show up there. It is unclear who the issue is with but I just do not see why Hasbro would authorize it as they also own DnD which has its line of boardgames with or without miniatures and their mini skirmish game right now.

Tristan M said...

actually based on this BGG thread it looks very positive!


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