Friday, March 20, 2015

Canadian Open 2015 Results

Canadian Open 2015 participants
March 14/15 saw 22 blood bowl coaches descend on Toronto again for the annual Canadian Open tournament. I was hoping to improve upon last years numbers and just needed one of several locals who had expressed interest to show up (as the 22 did not include my Odd Man Out) but real life prevailed over Nuffle yet again and so no new record was achieved.

I was really pleased that of 5 new/RE-newed NAF members who came out to participate last year - 4 of them showed up again this year.  They continue to enjoy themselves and it sounds like most will continue to return and potentially be involved in more tournaments in the future.

Here are the links to the results and photos on the website.  Be sure to check them out and also check out some of the new Canadian Tournaments starting up this year, including a new tournament in May called Brewhouse Bash and a new "woodstock" style camping tournament in July the Border Princes Summer Festival to replace the old Lakeside Cup.

Canadian Open 2015 Results, Trophy Winners and Full Standings.

Canadian Open 2015 Photos.

Here are the trophy winners from this year.

First ever repeat Canadian Open champion!
1st Place - Stimme
Last years Best Team award winner.
2nd Place - Kikurasis
Last years Champion!
3rd Place - L3athalK
Stunty Cup Champion two years running.
Stunty Champion - Dwarfrunner
Missed two years in a row due to sickness, finally makes it and wins Most Touchdowns!
Most TDs - tyrant
Boshka won Most Casualties in 2013.
Most CAS - Boshka
There seems to be a theme with Wooden Spoon winners running from their photo!
Wooden Spoon - runki_khrum
Won Best Team by a single vote!
Best Team - Zap_Rowsdower
One opponent accidentally gave him the lowest sportsmanship score (instead of highest) and he still won!
Canuck Attitude - tlawson

All in all another successful year - the legacy trophy is currently being put together I hope to have it soon and will post some pics when I do.

If you haven't yet - consider coming to the Canadian Open next year for a great weekend of blood bowl.  We played a ton of other games Friday/Saturday night as well I will post up some photos from that too.

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