Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Random Game photos from Canadian Open weekend

As is usual the weekend of the Canadian Open, a lot of buddies crash at my place and Friday/Saturday night are given over to playing other board and card games.  In addition to the below we also played some Dominion and lots of the Resistance.
Castles of Mad King Ludwig
Was happy to get a run out for my Space Hulk set.  Playing with fully painted figs really makes it a gorgeous game. We had a player each for the terminator squads and two guys play genestealers.
Space Hulk board
fancy edited photo
less fancy but still edited photo

Finally got a game of deadzone in against Dan who pledged into the kickstarter but hasn't had a game yet. He played enforcers with some proxy marines of mine and I played with my painted marauders.

He caught onto the rules pretty quick (those short/long action flowcharts really help) and due to some epic poor rolling from my goblin sniper (3 successes on 9 dice! TWICE) and a mistake I made with my mawbeast (not enraged before attacking) I lost the chance to really hurt his team, and once he figured out the differences between shoot and blaze he was much more effective in his decisions - he smoked me 11VP or something to 0.
bit fuzzy
much clearer
Hope you enjoy the photos.  This is one of my favourite parts about the tournament as I get to play a bunch of games as well :)


Paul O'G said...

Looks a great weekend - me and the Lad love us some Space Hulk in between Blood Bowling! Sorry to have missed it but we were traversing Arizona at the time. Glad you all had a blast mate!

Axtklinge said...

Really cool stuff there mate!
As mentioned by Paul, seemed like a great weekend and a fantastic opportunity to go berserk and play all those games! Sweet! :)

Tristan M said...

Another bonus is it re-sparked my motivation for deadzone & painting. I have gotten my ruins battlezone tiles mostly painted (some bits of hand painting left and some specialty tiles) and plan to get all of it assembled and weathered this year.

I also went and bought some nice pens/markers to do the edges of my battlesystems card terrain from the KS pledge - which is perfect size for a deadzone board.

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