Thursday, May 15, 2014

Catchup: Orion Cup 2014 - result = 4th/10*

Whew - that was a long posting hiatus (finally posted 3/15/2015) going to try to at least update my blood bowl games/tournaments so I can keep that page up to date, although they are gonna be short and after a while I am going to update the date to push them back into the past where they belong!

On May 10th I participated in a one day blood bowl tournament, the Orion Cup 2014.  There were 10 players and I brought my Jawbreakers Slann team. It says 4th place but note the asterisk (explained below)

Game 1 vs. BrockGT 3-1 loss
Game 1
Brock was an American visiting family in Toronto, who only just found out about the tournament and brought his lizardmen (talk about travelling prepared!) - he was a really fun opponent and ended up winning Best Painted.  As mentioned I don't recall much of the games, though I have an inkling I tried something very high risk/reward early on and it failed.

Game 2 vs. turfchewer 2-1 win
Game 2
I've played Dave before but only in the old XTBBF league that I can recall for sure, not sure about any tournament games before now.  I remember this game my slann were not in the leaping mood and it was a very very jammy second touchdown I scored very late in the game with no rerolls to take the win.

Game 3 vs. wapcaplets 5-1 win
Game 3
I've played Chris several times, in both league and tournament play.  For this tournament he wanted to play goblins to scratch them off the list of teams he has played at tournaments (in his words "one and done") funny for the guy who runs the blingtoofs' gitbash goblin themed tournament but anyways. He at last against a tier 3 team my slann finally played like they can and ended up scoring 5 touchdowns. Chris managed a thrown goblin touchdown too which is always fun.

All in all a fun day - annoyingly though the T.O. still (even as of 3/16/2015) hasn't posted the actual tournament results so all I know is I am tied on points with doomington and BrockGT and don't know what the tiebreakers are - I've run it through Score to get an idea, and think I'm going to award myself 4th place - doomington had much better TD +/- and Brock beat me in head to head which are two common tiebreakers.


Axtklinge said...

Wow! A May/14 and still waiting for the official tournament results?!?
Maybe the T.O. plans on doing those on a biyearly schedule or something... LOL

Your players with the (skill) rubber bands on their heads flashback-ed me to one of the coolest concerts I saw as a kid: Mark Knopfler with (his) Dire Straits (back in the 80's).

Looking forward for more tournament updates! :)

Tristan M said...

He submitted the match results, but that doesn't tell me where I placed as I don't know what tiebreakers he selected, etc.

More tournament updates coming. Now you've seen this I'm going to update the date ;)

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