Monday, May 11, 2015

WIP Raptor Legion CC scouts

One of several projects I have ongoing at this time is getting these Raptor Legion scouts painted up. Our house is quite dry and I am starting to find paints dried out - I didn't want this to happen with the last of my gryphonne sepia so I decided to get these guys painted sooner rather than later.

One difference from the rest of my Raptor Legion marines is these guys have some cloth - to keep a limited palette I decided to use dheneb stone for the cloth similarly to the weapons.  They are also covered in holsters and pouches - this is where I need your help.  Should I do those dheneb stone as well or add another colour to the mix - a leather type is my thought.  Opinions?


Rando said...

If this were Necromunda I'd agree with the leather for sure. For 40k I'd go with the same colour as the armour.

Now I don't have a 40k army so I'm no expert. I do find though that on the tabletop you gotta go with what looks good from across the table. I feel as though scouts just want to be in their army colours.

Tristan M said...

I hear you, unfortunately the camo style I've done doesn't look good on holsters and it would make these models the visual version of intelligible - if that makes sense.

I think I've figured out what I'm gonna do. Hopefully it works. Thanks for the comment dude.

Mordian7th said...

I think a darker leather color would set off the lighter fatigues nicely - the darker brown and green would compliment and make the lighter color pop that much more.

Looking good so far, man!

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