Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ravenwing Squad 1 + Techmarine

Playing a bit of catch up here.  These have been painted for a while but I wasn't really super happy with these photos, even though I used my lightbox (or especially because I did?) but anyways I want to post about them before the year end so these will have to do.

Once I finished the roads/flocking of the display base, I felt it prudent to start gluing the bikes on to help motivate me to keep painting....  It hasn't really worked - I'd already finished the second chunk and now was just tired of doing line highlights on black.  I will probably try to mix in some of the landspeeders or the nephilem I picked up to pique my interest again in the new year.

19 painting points.

Squad 1 - bare sergeant and flamers

Squad 1 attack bike - on the display they are an attack squadron with a landspeeder


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