Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ganja Girl reinforcements

You may or may not be aware, but last year my buddy Grant and I had a competition where we both took the same blood bowl race to tournaments to see who could do best.

Grant won last year, though to be fair lizardmen were awesome for both of us (He won the first tournament we played, I came 4th.  Then I won his tournament in my next try)

In 2016 the plan is we are both going to use amazons until someone wins a tournament (high hopes)
As such I needed the final blitzer painted for sure, and since I was pulling them out and they are literally just basecoat tabletop quality I got the other thrower, catcher, 2 linemen and roxanna and zara painted too.

7 painting points. If I ever do any more for this team and decide roxanna and zara deserve more attention, I'll add points then.
L-R: thrower, roxanna, blitzer, zara, catcher, lino, lino

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