Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vets Night @ Heroes World

I've been going to another LGS called Heroes World on Wednesday nights for their veterans night for the past month or so. There's a good turnout but is split a bit between 40K and WHFB. I usually just bring my 40K so some nights I get only a single game, however this week I was in for a treat as several folks brought 40K stuff and I got 3 good games in.

Game 1 vs Mike (Guard): Capture & Control / Pitched Battle
This game ended as a draw. He'd managed to pull a draw out of his ass in an earlier match against Phil and here I managed the same. I decided to place my objective on the same side of the table as he did, it let me focus all my units on that half of the board and his forces were more spread out. At first he couldn't hit anything with his template weapons, and I was causing some decent damage, however after trashing my landspeeder his vendettas/squads swooped in and destroyed my terminators and eventually delivered the squads to gain control of my objective. Managed to get a tac squad up to assault his massive squad holding his objective, however he blasted my supporting tac squad to smithereens with his leman russ - leaving 4 marines stranded in front of their smoking rhino, surrounded by his units on his objective. They were obviously the emperor's finest, as the final marine refused to die, twice making five 3+ cover saves. This allowed my scouts (the only unit positioned away from the rest of my army) to scamper all the way across the board and run onto his objective. Went to ground with them and the 2+ cover save saw them through and the game ended.

Game 2 vs Mike (Dark Eldar - different Mike): Capture & Control / Spearhead
I held on and won this game. Started very well with my dreadnought dropping next to his objective and decimating most of his warriors, a rhino/rapid fire rush reducing his second squad to 3 warriors. I managed to immobilize and destroy his raiders, but didn't get it to explode - even with the landspeeders multi-melta. terminators and a tac squad consolidated my hold on his objective, however once he finally managed some reserve rolls he paid me back. His wyches won an assault against my tactical squad and captain on my objective who promptly failed their break test and fled off the table!! It was only his fear of my devastators that gave me the chance to grab the win, as his archon and retinue and jetbikes had ravaged my units fighting for his objective. I pulled my last tac squad back in a rhino and jumped on my objective while gunning down most of his wyches. Deciding to reinforce my objective won me the game as he had no scoring units near his objective and the game ended.

Game 3 vs Ivan (Tau): Annihilation / Dawn of War
Screwed up slightly here. We deployed and moved on first turn ok, but I completely forgot about the night fighting rules. I decided to deploy my scouts in his deployment zone as my scout move would let me get within cover near his devilfish? with fire warriors unfortunately I failed a huge number of saves and was reduced to a single scout. I dropped in my dread behind his rail gun tank and the fire warriors squad who had destroyed the scouts. He tore the fire warriors to pieces before helping demolish his rail gun tank (who failed to pen the dread with a 1!). I'd managed to immobilise his other devilfish so I swooped in with a tac squad hoping to keep it locked there. Ivan again had poor luck with his reserve rolls so I got to fight his army fairly piecemeal. He did destroy my landspeeder and most of my terminators with his crisis suits but otherwise my units remained fairly unharmed. In the end his vehicles were weaponless and immobilized and I'd wiped out both fire warriors squads and his stealth suits, leaving his crisis suits and commander + bodyguard.

The one thing playing Wednesdays at Heroes World has got me doing is planning my deployments somewhat. For this I created a template to print out for each deployment type, and I think I'm going to use this to record some battles and post some batreps - so look for those in the future.

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