Thursday, May 14, 2009

Space Sharks painted - tabletop quality (+17pp)

Well I've finally gotten these guys to tabletop quality, there's still some details and stuff I should pick out, but as this was the first run and it took longer than usual while I sorted out colour schemes, etc. I need a break. I'll probably do the touch ups for these guys when I paint more Space Sharks stuff. Currently my thoughts are to paint a unit of Orcs for the Lo2G at Two Headed Dragon, and then I'm tempted to paint up my Raptors assault marines, since I've completed the test mini using just washes over a white basecoat and it looks great.

Here are some pics, sorry for the lower quality.

Command Squad

Deathwatch Heavy Bolter

Tactical Squad


Warhammer Fan said...

You are totally my hero. GO SHARKS!

Unknown said...

Good to see the Sharks, they are looking good. You know i'm going to say for you to paint the assault marines next.

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