Friday, May 8, 2009

Legend of 2HD Gamers pt2 + BFG

We all got a little delayed first week of the month, so we met up the next Friday to play some games and let the GK judge our painting for the Lo2G competition at Two Headed Dragon. We all had a busy April so no more games were really played. I'm in bold. Also due to the GK program being canceled we are going to end this competition a month early due to loss of competitors. Looks like it's down to whoever gets best painted next month, or whoever wins the game between Philip and I. We could still end up tying, and if that happens will probably split the pot evenly.

Month 2 scoring;
4 Tristan - fully painted, 1 game
6 Philip - fully painted, best painted, 1 game, 1 win
0 Ken

For reference (Grey Knight)
0 Karl

Current standings;
11 Tristan - fully paintedx2, best painted, 3 games, 1 win
11 Philip - fully paintedx2, best painted, 2 games, 2 wins
4 Ken - fully painted, 1 game

For reference (Grey Knight)
3 Karl - fully painted

I also got to play my first game of BFG today. We played a 3 way with a huge dust cloud in the middle. Quite a fun game, don't know why I always hesitated so much previously to give it a try.
Thinking about making a Tyranid fleet and finding some really cheap way to construct it. Any ideas?


IanBurns said...

There are a few ways you can do it.

First is using the 40k Tyranids as the basis for your ships(i.e. what Colin is doing). You get more ships and a box of guants and a box of warriors gets you at least 2000pts, if calculated right.

The second is to sculpt them yourself.

Other then that, I'm sure if your scour the internet there are ways.

Tristan said...

I was even thinking to buy some crazy fishing lures or something! lol!

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