Sunday, April 25, 2010

Challenge of Q'ermitt 2010, Result = NOT Wooden Spoon! (or 9th of 18)

I had two objectives for this tournament - not miss the second day (yay!) and not end up with the wooden spoon. Thankfully my play was good enough that Eric was able to retain sole possession of the wooden spoon (poor Eric just couldn't catch a break and finished the tourney with zero points) I'm not certain of my standing but with 8 points I think I made it into the middle of the pack - likely on the lower end. I managed both of my objectives and had a blast to boot - so mission accomplished!! Sorry I didn't bring my camera.

The Games
I started poorly, losing to Peter's dark elves - likely to a fault of my own, pushing his assassin needlessly into an easier dodge to hit my ball carrier. I managed to penetrate his armour more than 20 times but could do nothing but stun, while I took 2 casualties and had a black orc with block killed outright! I then tied against Mark H with his humans in what was probably the best match I could've had for my weakened team - with luck bouncing between Mark & myself such that it looked like I had the match in the bag, but Mark scoring near the end of the second half to claw back a draw.

I then won my next two matches in a row - the first against Jeana (with skaven) who is still learning the game (thank god I won the next game - would've been a horrible only "win" to have!) and then a super tight bashy match versus Chris P with his chaos dwarves - most impressive move of mine this game was keeping patient and following through completely - I saved my first half touchdown run after nearly losing it - because I had moved up all my blitzers around the ball and avoided a risky pass.

Saturday night was the Stunty Cup and we sat up and drank and played some Citadels. Rod & I finally got to sleep around 4:30am and were up at 8:30am.

Both of my games on Sunday were versus orcs. First game against Chris G I might've been able to pull off a win after a very successful first half "8 turn score", in the seventh turn of the second half, my black orc tripped "going for it" to put an extra tackle zone on his blitzer who dodged twice (4+, 3+) to score - I could've hit him with a 2 die block with an unskilled lineman, but was worried about pushing him closer (since the blitzer had dodge and I had no block, I needed a pure ka-pow! aka defender down) I think I made the right choice stats-wise, but he managed his dodges. We tied 1-1.

Second game on Sunday was a disaster for me, but totally hilarious. I played Dan with his Orcs. We ended up with a "Dense Fog" weather roll (all the variant pitches have special weather & kick off tables) which meant that basically ALL the players were bone-heads. I might have had one turn where I didn't have minimum 2 players bone headed (I think the highest was 4 in one turn) whereas Dan maxed out at 2 and could go one or two turns without anyone going stupid. At the half it was 1-0 Dan, I managed to roll "Changing Weather" on the kick-off table - only to roll snake eyes causing us suffer the same fate through the second half. The poor bone head rolls continued, Dan taking some pity on me and scoring in turn six. Then with a bit of luck and nice weather for two turns I scored a touchdown for pride when I gave my blitzer the ball on the line of scrimmage through a touch back. I'm sure we'll both remember this game forever. Dan took the win 2-1.

The awards are always fun to see and unique, for the Challenge of Q'ermitt Craig the T.O. had some block-head cardstock models made - these are pretty neat and done by one of Bens relatives. They included; First (Q'ermitt aka Slann-Mage), Second (Saurus), Third (Skink), Most TDs, Most CAS , Most Entertaining Opponent, Best Smack-Talk, and of course - the Wooden Spoon. My friend Laurent who drove out with me ended up taking home First, Most CAS and Best Smack-Talk - the triple threat - congrats dude!

Special thanks to Craig for organizing and letting us all crash!

Update: Just got some more details, and I came in 9th out of 18 players - in the middle of a three person tie at 8 points. Funnily enough, just after the first person I tied (Mark H) and just before the second person I tied (Chris G).

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