Sunday, April 11, 2010

(MFP) must finish project #1 - 8 to the good!

Put a healthy dent into my (MFP) must finish project #1. 8 guys completed, leaving the turn & score counters to complete (score counter is painted, not based) as well as I need to figure out some reroll counters. Maybe some squigs will do. I can't check this one off completely - and there's every possibility that since this is enough to bring to the tournament mentioned below, this may be as far as I take this project this year - but I am glad to have made some progress and the team is infinitely more usable now.
This was sparked by the Challenge of Q'ermitt, 2010 - not wanting to bring the same team as last time and with little time - beefing up my Orc team was the best bet. The star players are "nice to have", and though it will be nice to have a painted apothecary (the 40k ork painboy) - the 2 extra each of blitzers & black orcs was mandatory for this team to have any chance.

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