Saturday, February 27, 2010

MFP (must finish project) #1

Getting the last few orcs & tokens completed for my blood bowl team. I finally got 2 old school ork goff boyz to use as blitzers alongside a couple warhammer black orcs. I have a third ork goff who I'm converting to be a chainsaw wielding star player. Varag still needs to be painted and I plan to use the extra armoured goff to be Greaser Geargrinder, an older star player (I have it and just in case they bring him back ;) ). I also have an apothecary, an older musician to be my turn counter and a little snotling to be my score counter.

I need some ideas for what to use as reroll counters. I have a couple older orcs with spears or standards who I could use - they would be on a 25mm base which is the right size for the standard reroll square. What do you think?

Any other special models you think I need to complete the Badlandz Deff Ramz?

1 comment:

Tnoussis said...

Mmmm, cartoonily sculpted classic models. I think you should try and incorporate some newer orks and covert them, there are alot of great looking fantasy orks you could use.

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