Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bringing back an old favourite... Necromunda!

A few items in this post.  First I'm glad to have found something to inspire me to start modeling and painting again.  I hope this is just the beginning, and have even taken the step of ordering some stuff from Forge World thinking about some other projects.  This year so far has nearly been a write off in terms of non-gaming hobby, but I have some time to change that before the year is out.

For a while now, I've been wanting to get a Necromunda campaign going across more than one hobby store, as there are many within a reasonable distance in the GTA.  I will post some more specific posts about this, but so far I've put together some simple rules to try and keep players interested and motivated to play.  The goal is more narrative than competitive.  I think we are going to use to organize games and post content.  If you are around the GTA and this sounds interesting please get in touch.

It was this that sparked my motivation to get some hours put into my Pit Slave gang.  I will probably lend my Spyrers to my brother - and my Escher are actually being painted in trade for some sentinels (they might be ready in time for the campaign) so just in case I thought I should start modeling a gang myself.  I still might do something crazy like run a Wyrd Coven gang and save these guys for some big showdown battle at the end of the campaign.  The best part about these guys is I'm going to use them as servitors as well for my 40K gaming, hence all the magnetization.  I have a good 13 bodies and have already built 25 different arms.  The best part is this is probably the easiest gang/model to build upon.  This way I can keep making various armaments and I can always throw some technological bits onto various models to make more bodies.

These are my four actual pit slave models.
I've simply glued a magnet on their arm socket and puttied over it.

Here are four goliath plastics with a single magnet each.
The two on the left have cheap pistols since I figure I will always want some pit slaves with a simple pistol/pit slave weapon.  Third from the left could be a cheap cutting torch or a regrafter for a techno.  The final guy was the prompting for this gang when I was wanting some servitors.

Four more goliath plastics with both arms magnetized.
With both arms able to take pit slave weapons, I can use a couple of these guys as my pit fighters and still use the other guys with one pit slave weapon and some other armaments.

Finally the leader with all the arm options built so far.
Basic; autogun, boltgun, lasgun, shotgun
Pistols; autopistol, boltpistol, laspistol
Pit Slave Weapons; buzzsaw, chainsaw X4, claw, hammer X2, regrafter, rock drill X2, shears X3
Special; grenade launcher, plasmagun X2, meltagun
I want to balance out the options a bit more for the left side.  I still need some arms with swords, some stub guns, maybe a flamer or hand flamer, another melta/multi-melta, definitely another claw and a buzzsaw.


Sigismund said...

Good luck with the campaign. I've been aware of Necromunda for a while, but haven't yet gotten into the game. Does sound really fun though.

Akozz said...

Necromunda is awesome. Great work with pit slaves.

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