Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mini Painting 4 Free = free painted models for me!

Several months ago I found a blog with an interesting concept, Mini Painting for Free.  Basically, our protagonist (Dave) is offering to paint a mini or two for you for free in an attempt to keep himself from buying more figs he won't get around to painting.  As you may or may not have noticed I've decided to farm out some painting projects (see my space hulk genestealers, or my dark elf blood bowl team) instead of letting it sit there forever.

Dave and I ended up doing a swap of models to paint, as I'd hit a bit of a wall in terms of motivation to paint.  I've been tracking my progress painting them on Weekly Minis (a cowboy and a cloak & dagger type "antagonist") but wanted to post up something about Dave's awesome work and pimp his blog a bit.

I sent Dave a couple very OOP 40K models, the old running genestealer patriarch and a harlequin.  I wanted to send him the harlequin since I wanna have a bunch of different people paint them up so they all look really different (going to use them as a spire brat gang in necromunda) and then base them the same to tie them all together, and just threw the patriarch for fun since I knew it would be a long time before I ever took a brush to him.  If you read the history on Dave's blog you'll see he was excited about the harly, but the patriarch inspired him.  The colour scheme Dave used on the harlequin is very cool and definitely will be unique I'm sure.  I like his pictures better so I'm just going to repost them here.

Genestealer Patriarch



Tnoussis said...

This article reminds me, I noticed your spacehulk terminators still aren't painted. If you want them painted, I'd love to do it. They look like fantastic models, and I missed my chance to get a box of space hulk. (there was one just sitting around the dragon for the longest time, and when I decided i;d buy it, it had gone!)

Tristan said...

There might still be a couple copies at Heavy Support Games. I've converted my guys and on top of painting them as flesh tearers, whoever paints them I'm going to want to paint the rest of my flesh tearers. If you are interested in that amount of painting, let me know.

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