Monday, August 23, 2010

Must Finish Project #2..... FINISHED!!!

Back at the end of February I wrote a couple posts about some small-ish projects I hoped to complete this year.  I'm happy to say trying to get some necromunda organized and get my brother involved in the hobby again has gotten me quite motivated.  Over the weekend and today the rest of the MFP #2 - my spyrers - have been painted and based.
Sorry for the weak photo, but it's getting late.  This batch gives me two of the jakara, malcadon and orrus suits, as well as four yeld suits. It's pretty insane to have a collection of 10 spyrers considering it's about twice as many as I'll ever need, but the paint scheme I chose is so easy finishing them up was a breeze.

Next up, some posts about the necromunda campaign as well as some more pit slave posts.


eriochrome said...

Good job getting them finished. Only twice as many as you will ever need. No problem. I have 4 different orc blood bowl teams. I was also looking at my old chainmail minis and for a skirmish game I have some large sized factions.

deathkorps said...

Nicely done- it's great to finish a project! :)

arabianknight said...

Nice job.

Not only do you get the satisfaction of standing back and declaring finished, but also have the future satisfaction of just opening a box with them all done whenever you fancy a quick game. As someone with a couple of 'munda gangs in various states of completion, well done.

Looking forward to those game reports!

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