Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Second Half followup + Twitter feed feedback wanted

Well I found it isn't very easy/quick to port over a bunch of twitter posts into one blogger post.  I definitely need to do some more testing.  Would really appreciate any feedback on what you liked/didn't from the First Half recap.  I had to stop doing the twitter updates so we could finish the game at a reasonable time.  Big thanks to Chris aka @wapcaplets for being a willing guinea pig for this experiment.

As for the second half, it looked more like a game of 7's, but I began to break Chris' armour more frequently.
However missing my leader ghoul meant I only had one reroll.  I ended up wasting it on double skulls by my block mummy only to roll double skulls again.  Unfortunately for Chris that was about the limit of my poor luck, able to score late on - then "call" a much needed blitz so he couldn't one turn score (note to self: remember to talk to your dice!)

Also would appreciate feedback on the live twitter aspect, like the "pre-game" buildup, etc.  Basically what I did was move my twitter feed up above the blog posts so it was larger and renamed the widget to the current game.  Pretty neat I thought and something a little different to my usual blood bowl reports.
countdown to game time!
end of first half highlights
So what do you think?

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