Monday, August 22, 2011

Sentinel Squadron - what to do?

Well something a little off the beaten path today - I've had this squadron of sentinels for a while now, they came in a big batch of IG/SOB that I've pretty much traded/sold the rest away.  I've kept these guys as I'd envisioned using them as part of a small arbites 40K army (large arbites necromunda gang???)

With our plans to sell our current condo to buy a larger house, I'm currently packing away anything I know won't be used in the next 6 months or so.  Then I got to these bad boys.  It didn't take much work on my part to fix them up to the current (next tabletop worthy) condition, some decals and re-paint is about it.  They need their bases re-done as well.
1st squadron - armed w multi-lasers
My quandary is what to do with them?  To be honest I started to prefer a different colour for the arbites than all black (I particularly like a P3 paint called coal black and am thinking of using that for body armour and a white helmet scheme).  These guys would be too difficult to fix up to that standard.  I am debating between selling/trading them, or putting them up on ebay but with proceeds going to a charity - since the paint job is really pretty basic and I don't expect people would value them much - EXCEPT perhaps if the money was going to charity.  Let me know what you guys think - would you put in a decent bid on ebay for these guys knowing the money was going to a good cause?

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