Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow, I really need to get something painted!!!

Wow, I really need to get something painted - Ric is kicking my ass!  Here's an update post he's done with more pics of the next few pieces he's finished painting. He's finished up a couple more of my converted Space Hulk Terminators.  Gotta say they look pretty BOSS! His painting style is simple but extremely effective.  My hat's off to Ric he's doing a great job on these guys - and quickly too! So much so I've gotten a second package of Flesh Tearers ready to be shipped out.


The OSL is definitely a sweet touch, especially loving that chainfist! I can't get over how bad ass it looks! Hazard stripes + OSL ftw!

love that chainfist!
I have a couple things on the painting table right now, but I think I am going to have to pull out the two space shark rhinos that are 95% done just so I can finish something and have a post which is about models that I ACTUALLY PAINTED.  There hasn't been any posts about my figs since JUNE!


Mike Howell said...

Hehe, I sympathize. I have a certain Eldar mini staring at me from my work shelf screaming "Paint me!"

Mik said...

My productivity in the minis department sucks this year.

Tristan said...

@ Mike: am still under the assumption you haven't mailed anything to me to paint yet - correct?

ps. Don't worry about the Harly - no rush!!!

@ Mik: I am better than last year, the goal is to get closer to my 2009 number. I have a bunch of things that are around 80-90% finished so I just need my ass kicked. Hopefully this does it!

Ricalope said...

Your enthusiasm is keeping me focused! I honestly can't keep my brushes off these guys, but oddly, I am somehow able to sneak in a couple coats on my minis. And sometimes I remember to sleep too!

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