Wednesday, January 25, 2012

give my buddy a goblin...

... and you could win a print of my Xmas gift - two of my blood bowl teams duking it out!!

I promised the jpeg of my Xmas gift, here it is in all it's glory!
torne bane flaming ears (undead) vs. the jawbreakers (counts as slann)
You can check out the details HERE - but basically in order to be eligible for the contest, you need to paint a goblin for Abraxis' blood bowl team and donate it to him.  Therefore the prize had to be suitably awesome - hence the print.  I will get it signed by the artist as well.  He's also generously offered a coupon as a runner up prize

I selected the looney (chainsaw) goblin and plan to convert one similar to the rat wielding goblin I threw together for the blingtoof tournament.  I will use the same body and throw a space marine chainsword on there, and add some pads, etc.

We already have five people entered, please consider entering - it's just a painted goblin and the prize is well worth it.  Abraxis loved my idea of the harlequins painted by others as a necromunda gang so much he wanted something similar himself!  I already have 7 painted harlequins and there are two more floating in the blog-o-sphere (one with Mik and one with Paul of "The Man Cave") so my spire brat gang is in great shape.

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