Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slow start to 2012...

and here's why....  we bought a house and moved in late December, so we have been getting settled.  the advantage is I now get a permanent hobby room/man cave. :)  Paul I'm sure you will approve!
front of room, with work/gaming table and shelves to left
will swap out monitor for big screen when ready
shot from the doorway to cold room

So, onto business;
* Part 1 is a pimp post I've owed the Oklahoma guys  (Steve @kilowog2814 & Scott @fatfinley)
the #1 Blood Bowl podcast....  with an Episode Zero!!
Orclahomabowl brought to you by the same gingers who host the latest Blood Bowl podcast - Both Down!
You can check out the preview post I put up here.  I got my dice in the mail last year before we moved, unfortunately just haven't had much chance for blogging or gaming.  They are pretty sweet dice though - also happy to mention the pre-registration dice for Orclahomabowl have sold out so I guess it's going to go off a smash!

* Part 2 is posting about more harlequins painted by others for my spire brats necromunda gang.

First up is a harlequin I received from arabianknight over at Wee Blokes last year as we were packing up to move, so I've had this guy for a while.  He also sent over a miniature for me to paint.  All I got to before packing everything up was the skin, but you can see that pic below.  I have some funky ideas about how to try painting some tartan plaid using washes for it.
loving the orange!!
I'm thinking plaid shorts!

Second up is the skaven miniature that hakomike sent over along with the gorgeously painted harlequin he did for me, which I've gushed about endlessly here.  I plan to use washes for this guys fur, and maybe skin - but then use more standard paints for his clothing to really achieve some depth.
still lots to do - lol!

Third up is some great news about another harlequin painted for my by G.N.O.M.E. over at Spaaaaccee Shaaarrrkkks!  He's finished up painting a harlequin for me, and is currently in process of thinking of something to send along for me to paint!
loving the paint scheme on this guy!!

Ooofff, that was longer than I thought - I will save the third part of "business" (my plans/thoughts for gaming & painting this year) for another post.  I do have the CCKO blood bowl tournament coming up in around 10 days so hopefully that will kick start the hobby-ing!


deathkorps said...

Nice man cave!! It is a good thing when you have one...

Axtklinge said...

So that's why you've been so quiet lately!
Congrats for such a nice cave mister!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Well the Harly I'm doing is in yellow and purple so it should be a very colourful gang! He didn't get done before the move but after CABCON my painting focus is on him.

And yes, I fully approve of the new Man Cave residence!!!

In the meantime that Chaos Cup swag is getting a full workout :-)

Mik said...

I'll see your slow start and start even slower!

Congrats on the new digs, looking forward to seeing things get in full swing.du

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