Saturday, April 28, 2012

Astronomi-mini-con: preparation

Just a quick post up for now, today my buddy Mike ( ran a small tournament in preparation for this years Astronomi-con.  Astro last year was a blast and I was looking forward to it this year, but unfortunately it has fallen on the same date as Zlurpeebowl this year to which I have already committed.

Regardless Mike's mini-tournament (full details here) would be a fun day of 40K on some tables of amazing terrain with good people, so I was still planning to go.  The compromise I made was to just run a very similar list to last year, since my Space Sharks would need a lot of painting to get 1,500 points painted - whereas I wrote up a list for my Novamarines that swapped out the FW special character I used at last years Astronomi-con and swapped in a dreadnought (already painted) and 2 more drop pods (which I needed to paint)
regular and dreadnought drop pods
So over the past few days I got these drop pods painted up so I could run a fully painted army.  Definitely one of the best things about astro is the amazing armies and I didn't want to be running any grey plastic.  This was another nice chunk of this army painted, just leaving some assault terminators, some extra special/heavy weapons choices, some scouts and a second land speeder storm to reach what I expect the limit of this army to be.  It's nearly 75% completely painted now and I have made some major updates to the army page (including painting chart) so check it out!

I will put up a little series of short battle reports from Astronomi-mini-con in the next couple days - I am completely bagged right now but I just wanted to claim the 20 painting points for completing these two vehicles!


Silar Lannanaris said...

Very nice drop pods. Glad to see your Novamarines are still growing too. Hope the mini tournament went well for you and I look forward to reading about it.

Axtklinge said...

Very nice pods!
I've just checked the rest of your army and I've gotta tell you, I really like how the colour scheme 'works' in large masses of troops!

Tristan M said...

Thanks guys, on soldiers the quartering is pretty tough, but on vehicles it's damn easy using tape to mask off the sections.

I got a lot of compliments at the tournament for my army. I got 17/30 for painting score, which is pretty good considering I had no display board and this is really a tabletop quality army. The scheme is very striking and that works in my favour compared to a single colour scheme.

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