Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Minis Painted for Me!

Well I have been focusing on building some more units to send to Ricalope thanks to getting back my first box of Flesh Tearers and getting a game of 6th edition in.  I have been getting those figs varnished - and writing rosters for the upcoming Lakeside blood bowl tournament.  However a pleasant surprise was posted on my facebook this morning - my buddy Dan (who will unfortunately have to miss this tournament) has finished painting up a spire brat for my ever growing gang - and that reminded me I STILL owe Paul of The Man Cave a photo posted of his contribution to the cause!  So I got off my backside and snapped a quick pic of his brat as well as one painted by Mik over at Miks Minis.  Shown in order received...
a ginger brat from Paul @ The Man Cave
A ginger haired brat inspired by the man himself, I love the job he's done on the power sword! Of course if you've seen my Novamarines you will also know I am a fan of quartered schemes.
a dark reaper'esque brat from Mik @ Miks Minis
Mik chose to do this harly (I believe it's properly called a Death Jester?) up in a scheme very similar to the old 'Eavy Metal scheme used on the Eldar dark reapers.
a "Mardi Gras" brat by my buddy Dan
Dan told me he took inspiration from "Mardi Gras" for his brat.  I love the way the green mask stands out on this mini.


Mordian7th said...

Those look great - I dig 'em, and using them as a Confrontation brat gang is a great idea. Good stuff, man!

Axtklinge said...

Great addictions to your gang, mate!
And of course, congrats to the painters!


Tristan M said...

Thanks pal, and yes adding to this gang is definitely addicting.

wait... ;-)

Axtklinge said...


I wonder what you're up to mate...

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