Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lakeside Cup 2013 (the last incarnation), result = Wet Paper Bag

the crew
FYI - Once posted I am going to be updating the date back in time so this fits along better in terms of when the tournament actually happened.  Just a disclaimer in case it ends up being confusing.  This was the final time Peter would be running this incarnation of the Lakeside Cup, and having missed it for 2 previous years I was not going to miss out.  Here is the NAF thread.

A quick recap since it was so long ago and I just needed to make sure I posted up something.  A quick pic of each game, I will try to add something about each and some notes about my roster, skill upgrades and luck below.

0-1 loss vs. Mark H. (Chaos Dwarves)
attempting to crowd push his bull centaur lost me my chance to score a TD.
nice t-shirt eh?
1-1 tie vs. Colin (Chaos Dwarves)
there is something strange about playing Colin, we always seem to tie.
playing outside was much nicer than downstairs
3-2 win vs. Austin (Skaven)
was lucky to win this one - Austin's dice were terrible all game.
Austin looks surprised
0-2 loss vs. Ryan (Orc)
getting schooled is how I remember this match.
game four day one I just wanted it over
2-0 win vs. Gord (Necromantic)
dice were perfect for me in this game
sorry no pic
0-2 loss vs. Leathan (Lizardmen)
IIRC I was under the cosh from the get go due to a thrown rock ???
no luck vs. Leathan this time

I think my main problem was trying to make my roster/skills too "perfect" or "combo-ish".  One berserker I gave mighty blow & piling on and I don't think he caused a casualty all tournament.  I did like my wrestle/tackle ulfwerener, but only having 1 meant I was low on frenzy and strength. I gave +ST and +AG to my runner, but I shouldn't have made him my ball carrier, he ended up hiding in cages too much.

In the end, I finished on the winning side - though I didn't have too much to do with that.  It was nice for the West to finally win after several years of being the Easts whipping boys.  Additionally I picked up an individuals trophy - though not one to be proud of...
wet paper bag trophy
The Wet Paper Bag - that I couldn't fight my way out of - this was for least casualties caused and is particularly embarrassing having a berserker on my roster with mighty blow & piling on. :(

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