Tuesday, December 10, 2013

(MFP) must finish project #1 - 4 down, 1 to go!!

Just a quick one today - finishing up this project dates back to 2010!!  In February of that year, I posted about the figures to finish up - then a bit later I got the snotling score counter painted (but not based). Later in April just before the Challenge of Q'ermitt that year I had painted up 2 more each of blitzers and blockers as well as 3 star players and an apothecary.

I recently received a PM on the talkfantasyfootball forums and one of the members liked my orc team and offered me some free resin cast counters (orcy block dice) he had leftover.  Since those were the counters I couldn't figure out - I was happy to accept and now I have managed to get a quick paint job on them.
orcy block dice counters
Includes 3 reroll counters and a counter I will use for a leader reroll.  I have also gotten the snotling based and begun painting the turn counter - which will "finish" off this project once and for all (I may update the numbers/lettering on the bases at some point in the future)

I'm still gunning for my 2013 painting points goal - other than the counters I have a skaven engineer for hakomike nearly complete, a minotaur for my WHQ baddies nearly complete and 6 novamarines terminators I am going to attempt to finish over the holidays.


Axtklinge said...

Go-For-It T!
Painting wise, for me there's nothing more motivating then to see my buddy's getting their projects 'inked'!

Are you planning on using them (Orcs) any time soon, or it's just to complete the project?

Please keep us updated!

Tristan M said...

Thanks pal!

I am debating making 2014 the year of the orc. I need a break from using the ganja girls, my undead team and I will probably just bring the goblins to one tournament aiming for best painted.

With the new kid I won't have too much spare time and my goal will be to get a single new team painted up in 2014 to use in the future.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Very cool! I love thematic bits like these for a team

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