Saturday, April 26, 2014

new necromunda photos + deadzone rebs proxies

I've been updating my GWpertinent forces pages with new pics. I am still working on a large album for my Novamarines as I want them well documented before I sell or trade them off. Other than that I have mostly focused on necromunda stuff since they have low model count and usually I don't have many gang pictures.

I've also recently been trying to figure out what I can use to proxy a Rebs faction in deadzone until I get the actual figures assembled.

Here's the limited edition Bonnie Annerson bounty hunter...  a few shots so you can see the mask. Not sure what made me paint the mask that way, and I definitely wish I hadn't done so many funky colours on her pistol, but I do still love the base with it's sewing pin mushrooms and green ooze. She could easily stand in for the Rebs leader.

I recently updated my Spyrers page with a slew of new pics. I can easily use the Yelds as Kraaw warriors and was thinking the Orrus would be suitable as Grogans - would probably need to pick one weapon type per game to not be confusing.

I've also updated my Escher gang page with some photos. Gangers with basic rifle weapons can easily be human rebs. I can't imagine using that many humans that these six gangers wouldn't be enough.

Finally I've got some spore mines I painted up a while ago to use along with some expanded Wyrd rules by Anthony Case as Lashoaters - I could see these counting as drones pretty easily.

Unfortunately for me, I haven't collected a lot of alien type figures so my rebs gang would be pretty bland - currently I'd look at a LOTR troll as a Teraton but not sure I can bring myself to do that! Anyways would be enough to have a game and get a feel for their battle cards deck and some missions at least.


Paul oftheManCave said...

Great models mate!

Axtklinge said...

Love the little details you have on their bases.

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