Thursday, April 9, 2015

Deadzone Terrain 95% done

With a spate of warmer/dryer weather I managed to get my ruins tiles done.  Past few nights have been some assembly sessions and now this is the result.  It's a good volume of terrain for the mat and I'm quite please with how it has turned out.  You can see the flyers/posters I have glued on both inside and outside in places. I used the photos with flash as it lets you see more detail.
top down view
There is still some work to be done;

  • few more lamps and ladders need spraying platemail, washed and glued on - if you look closely you can see some lamps are painted "off" and another is "on".
  • couple more ramps and walkways need salt mask, space wolf grey - we had the temperature drop for a couple days and then mostly rain so that has been delayed - not much effort required.
  • touch ups on railings - the hazard stripes need cleaning up.
  • weather all the pieces with powders - this is the big one, I plan to wait for nicer weather as I don't want all my work getting rubbed off before the final stage
  • seal everything!

more of a side view
Getting these finished has really sparked my mind in terms of other terrain - though I will be getting brush to fig first a bit.

All in it's about 108 painting points and I have some more clutter accessories and such I can do at a later time.


Axtklinge said...

Nice job. Indeed it is a very good amount of terrain for the mat!
And even with some more painting details needed, I'm sure it makes a huge difference to play in a nicely painted table!


Tiny Basement Wars said...

That does look great, and the color palate really matches the old Necromunda cardboard terrain well. Not sure if that was the intend, but in any event, great work!

Tristan M said...

I can't remember if I did that on purpose or not! I think I just picked a colour that would suit the deadzone mat - lucky coincidence. TBH I plan to rip up the necromunda cardstock bits and build some proper plasticard replacements as they just don't wear well.

Paul O'G said...

Great stuff! Useful for so many games too

Darryl Hunt said...

Good stuff fella, nicely painted, are there two sets of terrain there?

Tristan M said...

hey pal, yes there are two sets - one from the initial KS strike force pledge (which I think was padded a bit by the KS) and then I added a ruined set later to add some variety.

Darryl Hunt said...

They look good, as Tiny Basement said, they do go well with the Necromunda buildings. I like to see loads of terrain on the board brings the game to life :-)

Sam Pate said...

Great stuff. Using the two different kits actually makes it look more ruined if you catch my drift. Already good, but I'm looking forward to see the finished result with all the weathering.

Paul O'G said...

Any updates on these mate? Finished them yet? :-)
I am looking to acquire something similar and would value your thoughts/review/recommendations


Tristan M said...

Nope, I got distracted with another terrain project and a display board project. I should get them done and think I actually just had a bright idea - spray bottle of rubbing alcohol - thanks to you making me think about this. CHeers!

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