Monday, June 15, 2015

quick "in progress" paint update

Been spending some time on these, so I decided to post up some pics - they aren't the greatest but at least show I have not been idle. I have broken out the ravenwing into 5 chunks of effort.  I still plan to put these on a display base as I think it will really make them look fantastic.  Next up I have 5 ravenwing black knights and a bike mounted chaplain already on the painting table.
squad 1 (flamers)
Chunk 1 is a ravenwing squad and a bike mounted techmarine.  They are complete as far as I intend to take the entire army at this point - which is one level of highlight for everything bar the bike line highlights (bikes get two) and characters will get an extra level of highlight for their "colour" (ie. red for techmarine) and coats of nuln oil which I am really pleased in terms of it's type of "dirtiness" - which suits the bikes well.
What I have left out is the headlights and screens.  I think some OSL will look really good on them but want to get them to a playable point.  With a new DA codex dropping sometime within a month or so, it might be nice to get a game with them or even (gasp!) take them to astronomi-con (don't mention to SWMBO!). If that doesn't happen I could also consider selling them off at that point, need to see if any final stuff should be added to the army or not.

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Axtklinge said...

Looking forward to see that display base!


PS: Looking at those reminded that I miss playing 40k! --#

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