Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Raptor Legion scouts

Got the Raptor Legion scouts finished up. I used Iyanden Darksun foundation on the holsters and pouches - I think it works well as a "coloured" fabric. The yellow helps to keep the number of colours down and it worked with a single wash of Devlan Mud.
Added the usual decals - I found some old one's from the imperial guard chimera sheet - they will suit for the right hand shoulder pad to identify the squad (even though I doubt I will ever do any more scouts for this chapter).
Technically they need a quick swirl of coloured wash on the bases and sealing but that will get done when the humidity drops a bit - lots of rain here the past few days! 5 more painting points - definitely on a roll this year!


Axtklinge said...

Really like how the green tones look.
Nice job!

Mordian7th said...

Awesome work, man - really dig how those turned out!

Tristan M said...

Thanks guys - another win for limited palette!

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