Tuesday, April 28, 2009

finally updates... pt3

Ok I know I'm not supposed to use a flash but it's getting late and I couldn't get decent pics of the trolls without it. These guys are my April entry for the Lo2G @ Two Headed Dragon. At least this lets you see the colour scheme and details and not just a brownish blob. These guys were really quick as well. Here's my paint list.
  1. black wash base
  2. sepia wash on stomach and leading to arms
  3. while wet, devlan wash around sepia
  4. devlan wash rest of troll
  5. repeat steps 2-4
  6. ogryn wash entire body
  7. thraka wash in 'healed' spots, followed by blue wash and another thraka wash
  8. devlan wash scales
  9. ogryn wash again
  10. paint metal black, then boltgun metal, then black wash
  11. loincloths are baal wash x2, leviathan wash, baal wash
  12. teeth/fingernails/toenails are dheneb stone foundation followed by ogryn wash
  13. eyes are blazing orange
  14. fresh cuts are emerald green
  15. leviathan wash on the nips
  16. drybrush bash bleached bone
Converted hammer to sword (no idea what impact this has for LOTR, but looks dead cool)


Spear (plastic)


Gavin Schofield said...

The flesh is fantastically good, looks like a mummified body. The eyes are a bit odd though, I think giving them normal eyes would make them look better. Other than that, they're great!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gavin - the flesh looks amazing. Thanks for listing the steps you took, I have the Cave Troll with Hammer I have been meaning to paint up for my cousin's LoTR army and I think I'm going to use your technique if you don't mind! As for the sword, I think that really brings the model to life, I mean you never normally see a Cave Troll lunging, but with the sword he looks so keen to slice someone down the middle, and it's a really cool looking sword too that fits in nicely with the size of the Troll. Great work mate

Tristan said...

Just be sure to prime them grey. I think that's the key to using washes only while not requiring more than 2-3 coats (like with a white undercoat).

I kinda like the eyes, I don't want them to just have white eyes, but yellow was going to be a little too subdued. Do you think they'd benefit from having a pupil painted in?

Anonymous said...

I think they might. The colour does look good, but almost possessed. I reckon with a pupil it will make them look even more realistic combined with the skin tone

Tristan said...

Cool, I will do that tonight - thanks for the comments mate, much appreciated.

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